Monday, 26 June 2017

A Week in Review (June 11-17)

A Week in Review (June 11-17)

Watched: All of my Days on the days they were actually recorded. It probably doesn't sound like a much, but it's a rare treat during the summer. I also squeezed in a couple New Girl episodes. I think I'll be ready for it to go live next season.

Read: I finished up The Best of Adam Sharp. I read this book because one of my dear friends had such a huge dislike for it. I always think it's interesting to read what causes a strong reaction in others. I can see why she didn't like it, but I enjoyed it. Like the narrator, I have an emotional connection with music and song lyrics. I also understand how your relationship can feel flat after so many years. It's easy to wonder on the "what-if's". This book isn't anything like The Rosie Project, so don't read it expecting the same thing.  Next, I started Beartown. It had one of the most intriguing starts that I have seen in recent years. I didn't get very far, but I am really enjoying it.

Listened: To a bunch of voices drone on and on so that I could finish up the clock hours that I need to be able to work at preschool. It feels good to have something done for the busy school year ahead. Sure wish I could get working on the yearbook and the like too.  We've scheduled a PTA meeting, so I'll probably have plenty to work on soon.

Made: The trip to the North Pole to see my dear friend Jody and her family.  They were vacactioning in the area and we hadn't hooked up.  Luckily Jack didn't have camp on Friday and her family was free so we met there for several hours of fun.  Even some of her older ones came and they also had a good time messing around.  We took a selfie and I'm horrible at those, but I am glad to have captured the memory with her!  I wish we both weren't such busy people.

Felt: Bad for giving Jack the idea of working on his vertical by leaping onto the picnic table.  When he was going up, he leapt into banging his shins pretty hard against the front of the table.  The bruised up right away and he thought he was broken. Luckily our neighbors got home about that time so I called them over to distract him.  It worked pretty well, but he still wanted more ice when they left.   I thought it was funny that his face was so dirty that the tears left a streak on his face.

Planned: On my week without Jack home for most of the days.  He had basketball camp down at Colorado College again this year and really enjoyed it.  We picked up one of his friends on the way there and his mom brought them home.  I worked pulling weeds in the yard each day, working on my photo project that I started years ago and still haven't finished, and just taking it easy preparing for Nick's upcoming crazy schedule.

Loved: That Lee and Denise were able to stop by for a quick visit on Saturday.  We spent some time chatting, eating at Hu Hot, and then launching a rocket.  Of course, the rocket got caught by the wind and went into a far away field.  I really thought they were on a fool's errand looking for it, but the managed to find it.  Nick walked into some grass that caused his allergies to flair up majorly.  They are staying in Canon City for parts of the summer and we will look forward to them being closer!

Here are the pics for the week:

You can tell it's summer!

Jack and Coach JJ

Quite the introduction, right?

My good friend Jody and I

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