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A Week in Review (November 20-26)

A Week in Review (November 20-26)

Watched:  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. I enjoyed that they created such a contrasting setting as compared with the Harry Potter novels.  I felt that the characters were a bit to predictable. If you enjoy the Harry Potter universe, you should definitely check it out.

Read: I finished up Hidden Bodies.  I really enjoyed this follow up to You.  The author reduced the amount of vulgarity in the book, but stayed true to Joe's character. While this book could stand alone, I think you'd be missing out on several nuances. I hope there is plans for a third book in the series. I'd love to see how Joe handles the latest plot twist of his life.  Next I started on The Traitor's Wife: The Woman Behind Benedict Arnold and the Plan to Betray America.  With it being Thanksgiving break, I didn't get a lot of it read.

Listened: To Jack describe how he sees me.  We were talking about the large amount of money I had spent on Monday buying the Thanksgiving meal, new clothes for him, the items for Preschoolers helping preschoolers stocking, and our new mattress and I said that my job would have taken 4 months to make up what I had spent that day. He told me that the way he saw it I had four jobs. When I asked him to describe them this is what he said:
Well your most important job is taking care of me.  Your second job is spending the money. Dad would never have time to do it.   Your third job is the way your help out the PTA so much. Your fourth job is a preschool teacher. 
I asked him if he was planning to be a good hard worker so that his wife and kids could be as lucky as we are and he said he thought so. 

Made: Jack roll his eyes at us when I wrapped my arms around Nick and told him how lucky I was that we had been putting up with each other's shit for 17 years. 17 years is about as long as I went in my life without knowing him well. I am so glad that we had three years of friendship that our relationship was built on. We didn't have to go through any of that time in the relationship where you have to learn the secrets in the closet. We had learned all of those in our friendship so we went with our eyes wide open.  He is an amazing provider for our family. He is a great counter balance to me.  I can't imagine someone better suited to spend my life with. 

Felt: Grateful that Jack was so helpful over his break.  On Monday, we went to Walmart and purchased 103 items (according to the receipt) and then he helped me unload the car and put everything away. We spent Wednesday morning rotating between games and the chores necessary to get the house looking like I wanted.  I am enjoying the man that he is turning into. I know we will have many days where we try each other's patience and plenty of days where we lose patience with each other, so I am grateful all the days we get along so well. 

Planned: On Jack having a bit more drama inside the dentist office, rather than having his drama when he came out of it. He did so well during the whole appointment not even realizing they had given him the shot of Novocain, as he asked at the end when it was coming. However, he hated the feeling of being numb. I don't think he felt that I was taking his concerns seriously enough. He was so highly dramatic about it that it was hard not to laugh at him.  I promised him it would be over after the movie and luckily it was. I don't think he will forget that moment any time soon. 

Loved: That parts of Nick's family were able to come out and visit us for Thanksgiving break.  I decided that we just needed to commit to having a real bed in the guest bedroom so we purchased a new mattress for our room and moved our old mattress over there. (So if you are out-of-town and reading this, know that we have made your staying experience nicer and you should plan a visit out our way soon!) Lee and Denise arrived Wednesday afternoon and we began in on games right away. We played Texas Poker, although Jack has renamed it Joker Poker. Papa Lee and Jack also played some Guess Who after dinner. Thursday we smacked and watched football all day. Our dinner was enough food for 15, but it had all the traditional fixings on it.  I think we ran the dishwasher three times that day!  Thursday we got the good news and that the Roy and his boys were going to drive out on Friday and stay Saturday and drive home Sunday. We went shopping Friday morning where Jack got to pick out his Christmas presents from Lee and Denise. No surprise, he chose two balls. One of them was a really cool Curry basketball. It will look fancy with his shoes!  Once the cousins arrived, it became of a whirlwind of activity in the house. They were so excited to see each other. They got a good 6 to 7 hours of playing in just that night. On Saturday, Keegan wanted to make himself scrambled eggs. Not knowing our stove very well, he set off the fire alarm waking the people who weren't already awake. We had plenty of time for goofing off before we watched the KU vs KSU game. While they didn't get the W, I think they showed lots of improvement. After the game was over, we headed out to HuHot for some dinner. Next it was off to climb Pulpit Rock. While we really enjoyed it, there was a lot of loose gravel that made things a bit tricky. No serious injuries, but we ended up with a few scrapes. The views were just breath taking though.  Apparently they needed more adventure, so we headed off to Dart Warz.  To end our night, we watched some Fool Us and discussed magic with cousins. I am hoping we exhausted them so they take a nap for Roy on the way back.  We loved having everyone here. 

Here are the pics for the week:

The guest bedroom. Good thing it's called a bedroom because that's all there is room for in there!

Our Thanksgiving Feast

Although we had hung the lights on Sunday, we hadn't turned them on. While we were cleaning up dinner, Nick turned the lights and Christmas music on. It was amazing. 

Jack sneaking some Xbox time while I was decorating and everyone else was catching a cat nap on Friday. 

Pulpit Rock

I was on the wrong side of the mountain so there are too many shadows. 



This is still pretty close to the top just out on a plateau looking away from the sun

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