Friday, 2 November 2012

Thankful November

Following the spirit set by Facebookers, I am going to try and record what Jack and I are thankful for each day. I normally would ask Nick to participate in something like this, but seeing that he's working at least 60 hours a week, I think his usual answers would be either coming home or sleep.
I now see this post needs broken down into a few shorter posts.

Day 1:
Kara: My sweet boy who exhaust me thoroughly but makes sure that I laugh at least 5 times a day.
Jack: That you (being me) played football with me.

Day 2:
Kara: For having enough change in my pocket to be able to afford eating out. It's nice to not cook after a long day.
Jack: For Joe playing football with me. He was the Sooners and I was the Jayhawks and he beat me.

Day 3
Kara: For good books. When life gets too stressful, books provide an awesome escape to another reality. It's hard to think of the problems of the day when you head is in a book.
Jack: For Jarett and Callum. We are all blessed to have the Beane family in our life.

Day 4
Kara: A relaxing day. Nick knew it was shaping up to be a long week for him at work with him having to report for jury duty and so he made sure that I took the day to do very little. It sure felt nice.
Jack: Playing Wii Bowling with family.

Day 5:
Kara: Jack's school. I'm so glad that he has a place where he is happy and learns the rules of school behavior. While I feel like I am missing some of the things I was hoping for out of his preschool experience, he loves it and that's what I want the most.
Jack: School. Today's highlight was playing Tornado. It's a PE game involving a circle and a big ball.

Day 6:
Kara: Medical insurance. Without this, we would have a hard time affording the dental care Jack needed today. It will be a challenge, but we will manage because we have at least a portion covered.
Jack: Snuggling with mom while we watched a movie and recovered from above mentioned dental work.

Day 7:
Kara: Trinity Lutheran Preschool. Even though I just sort of fell into this job, I really love it. It provides me with the joy to continue to reach children and their families even if I am not in the classroom.
Jack: Art class at his preschool. He really has came a long way in his desire to draw/create.

Day 8:
Kara: Beautiful Savior Preschool. Even though my time there ended on a sour note, I am continually reminded of the awesome people that I met during my time there. I have a wonderful support team and I blessed to call many of the mothers that I met there friends!
Jack: Music class at preschool. His teacher describes it as PE with songs.

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