Sunday, 5 August 2012

Making up Games

Some things about parenting are better than others. Watching your child acquire new skills and master old ones. While some of Jack's behavior is currently driving me bonkers, I love that he is making up games. I snapped a couple of pictures while we were in the middle of some of his newest creations. Since, I'm doing this on the iPhone, I can't add pics in the middle, but the first picture is of Adding Dice Neighbor and the second is Tron Tag.

How to play Adding Dice Neighbor: Necessary Supplies: 2 or 3 players, 4 dice, 4 poker chips a person. Two players start by each rolling a pair of dice. Add them up to see who has the higher number. In case of a tie, reroll. Lower number must put a poker chip in the pot. If playing with three players, the loser must give his dice to the remaining player. Play continues until only one player has chips remaining.

How to play Tron Tag:
Necessary Supplies: Putting Frisbees for each player, something for base (we used hula hoops). Each player must come off their base during the round. They become out by being hit by another players disc. Each round last until only one player has not been hit. We played that each player got four hearts before being eliminated from the round. Go until only one player remains.

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