Saturday, 1 October 2011

An Excellent Young Man

Today, KU played Texas Tech.  Nick's Uncle Kevin had skybox tickets and I had originally thought that Jack would be spending all game with him up there.  However, it worked out that Kevin first wanted to take Nick up there.  Therefore, Jack and I went down and found a spot in the family zone.  We normally wouldn't set in this section, but we sat there because it was closer to the skyboxes.  After we had been sitting there for a moment, I spotted a woman wearing a cap that had "Barfield 19" on it.  You may remember from a previous post or youtube video that Jack really loves Isiah Barfield.  I tapped on her shoulder and asked her if she happened to know him.  She was his Grandma!   I told her how Jack was his biggest little fan and she said that we should meet her after the game and she would make sure that he got an autograph.  I thought she was just being nice, but she reminded me again when she saw Jack and I leaving for our refreshments.  We were lucky enough to all be allowed into the suite and didn't see her for the last quarter of the game.  However, after the game we went where she had told us to meet her and she recognized us right away.  We got to meet his entire family and I was really surprised by them.  They were an excellent group of people.  When we were leaving after about 10 minutes of photos, hugs, and knuckles, Isiah bent down and took off his bag tag.  So now Jack is the proud owner of a number 19 KU Athletics, bag tag.  You may have noticed the sad fact that Isiah is wearing a Oakland Raiders hat.  His dad said that he was wearing it because they had expressed some interest him playing for them.  While I would love him to play in the pros, I can not imagine having to cheer for a Raider.  Let's hope that some other team gets him in the draft first!

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